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The IIA's G20 Call to Action

​The IIA Supports the G20 in Promoting Effective Governance

Call to Action Seeks Further Strengthening of Guiding Principles

Three Lines Model Offers Foundation for Improvements

The IIA urges the G20 to reinforce its commitment to global economic stability and to strengthen the integrity and accountability of organizations by adopting essential elements of governance — accountability, informed action, and assurance — into its G20/OECD Principles of Corporate Governance.

Regardless of industry, government, or size of an organization, governance can function successfully only if it has, at its core:


Independent and objective assurance and advice, afforded through well-resourced internal audit activities, are crucial to effective governance. And relying on the Three Lines Model greatly assists organizations in ensuring preparedness, resilience, and agility in these volatile times.

Download your copy of The IIA’s G20 Call to Action.