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How do internal and external auditors differ and how should they relate?

How does internal auditing maintain its independence and objectivity?

How does the internal audit activity go about prioritizing its resources?

How should an organization go about sourcing its internal audit activity?

Is it mandatory to have an internal audit activity?

What are the critical skills and attributes of a chief audit executive (CAE)?

What are the skill sets and staffing needs of an internal audit activity?

What is Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) and what role in it does internal auditing play?

What is internal auditing?

What is internal auditing's role in preventing, detecting, and investigating fraud?

What services can the internal auditors provide for the audit committee?

What should be the reporting lines for the chief audit executive (CAE)?

What standards guide the work of internal audit professionals?

What is the appropriate relationship between the internal audit activity and the audit committee?

Why should an organization have an audit committee?

Why should organizations have internal auditing?

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