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The IIA's 2017 Global Council

2018 Global Council — Panama City, Panama

The 2018 Global Council held 4-7 February in Panama City, Panama held true to its promise to offer a platform for IIA Affiliate leaders from around the world to contribute insights that help shape the future of our global organization and profession, network with their peers, and exchange leading practices for Affiliate growth and sustainability. More than 150 delegates representing 80 IIA Affiliates, along with IIA executive officers and headquarters staff attended the exceptional event.

Final Summary Report

The program addressed three important topics: Global Strategic Planning, Conformance with the Standards, and Global Certifications. Discussions around those issues provided valuable perspectives on the challenges and opportunities around the world that are critical for The IIA to develop relevant strategies to address the needs of our members and Affiliates globally.

The Summary Report reflects the overall themes/trends that emerged from the discussions, the comments/ideas that emerged most frequently, and those elements that at times indicated a lack of consensus among the participants. This report cannot reflect every position shared, but rest assured that all ideas and opinions are valuable and will not be lost.

Download the Summary Report

Comprehensive Table Notes

The detailed comprehensive notes captured by the scribes are shared with the global committees, staff and task forces that are working on these three topics, and, in full transparency, are also being made available to you for reference.  You may download for each of the three topics.

Topic 1: Global Strategic Plan

Topic 2: Conformance with the Standards

Topics 3: Global Certification Strategy

Registration List

Download the list of event attendees.


Visit the below Flickr albums for downloadable photos to share with your board and members in online and print communications, social media, and other marketing material.

2018 Global Council Photo Album


Presentations made during the event are available for you to download:

Download all presentations.

Save the Date for the 2019 Global Council

We are excited to announce the 2019 Global Council will be held from 17–20 March in Tokyo, Japan. Additional details will be shared with all IIA affiliates in the coming months. We look forward to seeing you there.

2018 Global Council Group Photo