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Affiliate Recognition Program

Affiliate Recognition Program


The Affiliate Recognition Program was designed for Affiliates that reached important milestones or contributed to the growth of the profession at the local, regional, or global level.

We understand that a large portion of The IIA’s global network of Affiliates operates with volunteers and limited resources, so it was very important to the Institute Relations Committee (IRC) to create a program that:

  • Recognizes Affiliates for their successful efforts.
  • Encourages Affiliates to strive and continue to grow and enhance their performance.
  • Gives Affiliates some direction on activities that will help The IIA achieve its strategic objectives.
  • Expands knowledge about Affiliates’ successful activities around the globe.

Recognitions are grouped under two headings: Milestone-based and Activity-based (to be launched in 2022).

Milestone-based Activities

Celebrating Milestone Anniversaries With The IIA

To recognize Affiliates that celebrated major milestone affiliation anniversaries. Anniversary recognition is based on date of affiliation with The IIA and commemorates the following milestone years: 5, 10, 25, 50, 75, and 100.

2020 Recipients: Affiliation With The IIA

Affiliation With The IIA

List of other Affiliates that have reached an Affiliation milestone in 2020

Celebrating CIA Growth

To recognize Affiliates that grew the CIA certification program locally. Criteria for certification is based on CIA numbers reached during the year of recognition compared with an average of the previous three years.

2020 Recipients: CIA Certification

​Small Affiliates
Winner: Azerbaijan
Honorable Mention: Armenia
Honorable Mention: Mauritius
​Medium-sized Affiliates
Winner: Ghana
Honorable Mention: Luxembourg
Honorable Mention: Uganda
​Large Affiliates
Winner: Russia
Honorable Mention: Nigeria
Honorable Mention: Singapore

Affiliate Recognition CIA Certification

Celebrating Membership Growth

To recognize Affiliates that demonstrated membership growth. Criteria for membership is based on the compound annual growth rate over a period of three years.

2020 Recipients: Membership Excellence

​Small Affiliates
Winner: Egypt
Honorable Mention: Botswana
Honorable Mention: Congo
​Medium-sized Affiliates
Winner: Chile
Honorable Mention: Ghana
Honorable Mention: Morocco
​Large Affiliates
Winner: Nigeria
Honorable Mention: Korea
Honorable Mention: Indonesia

Membership Excellence