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CPSA Eligibility Requirements​

CPSABEAC issues the Certified Process Safety Auditor® (CPSA®) professional designation. The Certified Process Safety Auditor credential demonstrates one’s understanding of important Process Safety elements and regulations for all industries with processes that involve explosive materials.


BEAC certification exams are non-disclosed examination. Candidates in the program agree to keep the contents of the exam confidential and therefore may not discuss the specific exam content with anyone except The IIA's Certification Department. Unauthorized disclosure of exam material will be considered a breach of the Code of Ethics and could result in disqualification of the candidate or other appropriate censure.

Eligibility Requirements

Candidates may apply into the program by completing and submitting, at a minimum, the Certification Application, two Character Reference forms, Education documents, and accepted Photo ID. Candidates do not have to submit the Audit Experience and Audit Training forms at the time of application, however, candidates must complete all eligibility requirements and submit documentation within the four year program window in order to receive certification.

  •   Education and Professional Experience

    General Work Experience – The applicant will be required to have at least 15 years’ experience with a secondary school diploma, OR at least 10 years’ experience with an Associate’s degree, OR at least 7 years’ experience with a Bachelor’s degree.

    Process Safety Experience - Verifiable experience gained during the last 10 years in at least two of the areas described below:

    • Implementation of Process Safety programs
    • Process Hazard Analysis
    • Management of Change
    • Pre start-up safety reviews
    • Mechanical Integrity
    • Process Safety Information
    • Product Stewardship, Transportation or Distribution of hazardous products
    • Requirements of Process Safety laws, regulations and related documents
    • Process Safety Management systems and standards
    • Process Safety auditing procedures, processes and auditing techniques
  •   Audit Experience

    ​Applicant shall provide evidence of audit experience within the previous five years, consisting of either a minimum of 20 comprehensive process safety audits, OR have audited for a minimum of 100 days, including at least 20 days on site.

  •   Process Safety Training

    ​Applicant shall provide evidence of at least 40 hours training in the past three years. At least 32 hours of training should be specific to process safety, and the remaining eight hours should be relevant to auditing, health and safety, or management systems.

  •   Definition of Relevant Process Safety Experience and Training Elements

    ​Relevant experience and training must include identifying process safety aspects and impacts, assessing compliance with process safety-related laws and regulations, and/or applying professional process safety audit practices. It may include any combination of: management of change, process hazard analysis, mechanical integrity, process safety management and technical aspects of business activities including facility operations; requirements of EPA and OSHA laws, regulations, and related documents at the national and local jurisdictional levels; evaluation, implementation, and management of process safety compliance; process safety standards against which management systems and compliance audits may be conducted; process safety management systems and compliance audit procedures, processes, and techniques; and principles of process safety compliance and compliance implementation.

  •   Proof of Identification

    ​Candidates must provide proof of identification in the form of a copy of the candidate’s current official driver’s license, passport or national identity card with indicated current status; expired documents will not be accepted official passport or national identity card. All documents must be scanned and uploaded through the Document Upload Portal in a manner that ensures the photo is clearly legible.

  •   Eligibility Period

    ​Effective November 2010, the certification program’s eligibility requires candidates to complete the program certification process within four years of application approval. If a candidate has not completed the certification process within four years, all fees and completed exam parts will be forfeited.

  •   Character References

    ​Applicants must provide two character references, from a responsible person such as a supervisor or a manager. Individuals providing references must have known the applicant for a minimum of two years and have knowledge of the applicant's experience and skills relative to auditing.