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Certified Financial Services Auditor® (CFSA®) Exam Syllabus — Banking Discipline

Products, Processes, and the Regulatory Environment

25 Questions

(P) = Candidates must exhibit proficiency (thorough understanding, ability to apply concepts) in these topic areas.

(A) = Candidates must exhibit awareness (knowledge of terminology and fundamentals) in these topic areas.

A. Products (P)

  1. Lending/Loans
    1. Commercial
    2. Residential
    3. Consumer
    4. Leases
    5. Credit Card
    6. Letters of Credit
  2. Deposits
    1. Time (e.g., CDs, savings account)
    2. Demand (e.g., checking account)
  3. Electronic Services
    1. Wire Transfer
    2. Automated Clearing House
    3. Online Banking
    4. Credit Card/Merchant Services
    5. Other Electronic Services
  4. Foreign Exchange
  5. Asset Management/Trust
  6. Repurchase Agreements

B. Processes (P)

  1. Risk Management
    1. Credit and Operational Risk
    2. Allowance for Loan and Lease Losses
    3. Asset/Liability Management (e.g., pricing, liquidity)
    4. Reserves
    5. Trading Market
  2. Underwriting
    1. Loans
    2. Private Placement
  3. ATMs
    1. Proprietary
    2. Shared
  4. Treasury Operations
  5. Back-office Operations
    1. Payroll/Employee Benefits
    2. Branch Operations
    3. Derivatives
    4. Wire Transfer
  6. Marketing Sales and Distribution (e.g., Bank Branches)
  7. Rating Advisory Service
  8. Mergers and Acquisitions
  9. Loan Operations (e.g., Collateral Issues, Perfecting Liens)
  10. Dealing Activities

C. The Regulatory Environment (P)

  1. Overview (e.g., Function of Central Bank)
  2. Laws and Regulations
    1. Equal Credit Opportunity
    2. Home Mortgage Disclosure
    3. Reserve Requirements
    4. Lending Disclosure
    5. Deposit Disclosure and Protection
    6. Real Estate Sales Disclosure
    7. Self-assessment of Internal Controls/Risk Management
    8. Financial and Personal Information Privacy
    9. Anti-money Laundering
  3. Money and Banking
    1. Role of Money and Banking
    2. Effect of Interest Rate Movements
    3. Monetary Management Theories

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