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Accelerate Your Success with CGAP

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Drive With Public Interest

Public sector auditors have unique needs. From budget constraints to political and public pressures, government auditors face a variety of challenges every day. The Certified Government Auditing Professional® (CGAP®) program is designed especially for auditors working in the public sector at all levels.

Earning the CGAP closes any government audit knowledge gaps and can:

  • Prove commitment to advancing in this competitive niche.
  • Showcase understanding of public sector audit processes.
  • Help you gain credibility and respect in the field.
  • Enhance your skills and knowledge.
  • Increase your earning potential by up to 51 percent.*

Applications for this certification will be accepted through 31 December 2018.


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​*According to The IIA’s 2017 Internal Audit Compensation Study, the average salary of internal auditors who hold one or more certifications is 51 percent higher than that of peers with no certifications (based on U.S. responses).