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Certification Eligibility Requirements and Pricing

Determine Your Eligibility and Skill Level

Each of The IIA certification programs has unique and specific education eligibility requirements that a candidate must meet to take the exam. In addition, you may want to assess your skill level by taking a practice test using the sample questions on the website. Although your score on a practice test will not necessarily indicate what your score would be on a certification exam, a practice test may assess your readiness and lets you know in what areas you need improvement.

All documents can be uploaded into the CCMS.

CIA Eligibility Requirements
QIAL Eligibility Requirements
CGAP Eligibility Requirements
CFSA Eligibility Requirements
CCSA Eligibility Requirements
CRMA Eligibility Requirements

Sample CIA Exam Questions
Sample CGAP Exam Questions
Sample CFSA Exam Questions
Sample CCSA Exam Questions

Certification Fee Structure

The pricing below is applicable in the United States, Canada, and many other countries throughout the world. However, these prices may be different in countries where exams are administered through agreements with IIA Affiliates. Please contact your local Affiliate to verify the pricing structure and applicable taxes. All fees are non-refundable.

Certification Fee Structure, Effective
  •   CIA
    ​Member ​Non-Member Student
    ​Application Fee ​US $115 ​US $230 ​US $65
    ​CIA Exam Part fee (three part exam) Part 1 ​US $280 ​US $395 ​US $230
    ​CIA Exam Part fee (three part exam) Part 2 ​US $230 ​US $345 ​US $180
    ​CIA Exam Part fee (three part exam) Part 3 ​US $230 ​US $345 ​US $180
  •   Internal Audit Practitioner
    ​Member ​Non-Member
    ​Internal Audit Practitioner Application Fee ​US $115 ​US $230
    ​CIA Part 1 Exam Registration Fee ​US $280 ​US $395
  •   QIAL
    ​Member ​Non-Member
    Application Fee ​US $250 ​US $300
    ​Case Study or PPE Unit 1 US $450 ​​US $600
    ​Case Study or PPE Unit 2 ​US $450 ​US $600
    ​Case Study or PPE Unit 3 US $450​ ​​US $600
    ​Presentation ​US $950 ​US $1,150​
    ​Interview ​US $1,450 ​US $1,750​
  •   CRMA
    ​Member ​Non-Member
    Application Fee ​US $115 ​US $230
    ​Exam Registration Fee ​US $380 ​US $495
  •   Environmental Health & Safety
    ​Member ​Non-Member
    ​Application Fee (CPEA, CPSA) ​US $115 ​US $230
    ​CPEA Exam Registration Fee (3-part exam) per part ​US $230 ​US $345
    ​CPSA Exam Registration Fee (2-part exam) Part 1 ​US $230 ​US $345
    ​CPSA Exam Registration Fee (2-part exam) Part 2 ​US $280 ​US $395
  •   Program and Registration Extension Fee
    ​Member ​Non-Member
    ​Exam Registration Extension - 60 days only ​US $100 ​US $100
    ​Exam Reschedule / Cancellation Fee** ​US $75 ​US $75
    ​One-time, 12-month Certification Program Eligibility Extension ​US $275 ​US $275
    ​CPEA/CPSA Program Renewal Fee ​US $170 ​US $170
  •   CPE/CPD Reporting Fees*
    ​Member ​Non-Member
    ​CIA ​US $30 US $120​
    ​Specialty Certification (per designation) US $20 ​​US $120
    ​QIAL US $30​ ​​US $120
    ​CPEA/CPSA CPD ​US $20 ​US $170​
  •   Reinstatement Fee***
    ​Member Non-Member
    Reinstatement Fee (inactive status over 12 months) US $100 US $250
  •   CPSA and CPEA Candidates may be eligible for exam part exemptions under the following conditions:
    ​Action Exemption Fee
    Those holding the CIA or CPA certifications are exempt from Part 1 of any of the CPSA and CPEA exams. ​Complete the exemption form in CCMS, upload supporting documentation, and pay exemption fee. ​Members: US $230
    Non-Members: US $345
    Those holding the CSP, CIH or CRSP certifications are exempt from Part 2 of the CPEA Health & Safety exam.
    ​Those holding the CHMM certification are exempt from Part 2 of the CPEA Environmental Compliance exam.
    ​Member ​Non-Member
    ​Specialty Exam Registration Fee ​US $380 ​US $495

*Reporting fees may vary globally and depend on whether you report CPE / CPD credit hours directly to The IIA through CCMS or through your local Affiliate. If you are not a North America member, please check with your local Affiliate for pricing.

**The exam reschedule/cancellation fee is paid directly to Pearson VUE.

***Individuals who hold an inactive status may not use the designation. To change a status from inactive to certified, individuals are required to complete the reinstatement reporting form for each designation held with an inactive status. Hours used for reinstatement may NOT be used toward the current year reporting requirements. Individuals are required to pay the reinstatement fee as indicated in the pricing chart.

Payment Options Information

CIA Discounts for Students

The IIA offers reduced application and exam registration fees for the CIA program to candidates who are full-time students at accredited colleges or universities.

To qualify for discounted pricing, students must:

  • Be enrolled as a full-time student* (enrolled in at least 12 semester hours or equivalent) in his/her final year, as defined by the institution in which the student is enrolled; OR
  • Be enrolled as a full-time graduate student (enrolled in at least nine semester hours or equivalent), as defined by the institution in which the student is enrolled.

*Full-time university students in their final year may enter the CIA program and sit for the CIA exam parts before completing their education requirement, but they must complete the education requirement before they can be certified.

To qualify for discounted pricing, professors must:

Step 1: Make sure you have a profile in CCMS. If you do not have a profile in CCMS, create one.

Step 2:Update CCMS profile and follow the prompts to verify student eligibility and discounts. This step must be completed prior to apply into a certification program to receive student discounts.

Access CCMS

CIA and CRMA Test From Home

Candidates from the following countries must refer to their local IIA Institute web-site or contact their local representative for more information about local certification processes:

The information contained on this website pertains to all other countries.