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Competency Framework for Environmental, Health & Safety Auditors

Both the "Standards for the Professional Practice of Environmental, Health & Safety Auditing" and the "Competency Framework for Environmental, Health & Safety Auditors" were adopted by the BEAC® Board of Directors in accordance with BEAC's mission to promote high standards of practice and efforts to be the lead organization for quality certification of environmental, health and safety auditing professionals.

A group of representatives from the EHS Auditing profession and The Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) developed an initial framework for EHS auditor competencies. This project is to help improve the resource information available for EHS auditors. The overall purpose of the project has been to develop a set of foundational, functional, and technical competencies which cover the EHS audit scope. This framework is intended to assist those planning for, hiring, evaluating, and developing EHS auditors.

This information is non-binding guidance and intended to provide useful information when planning or evaluating an EHS audit activity. View the result of this effort, which contains competencies, definitions, and levels of performance expected for various key roles in EHS auditing.

The IIA and BEAC support the usage of these competencies and intend to further use them in developing training courses and materials to supplement these skills and aid in the continued development of EHS auditors. Several courses have already been identified and some are already available through The IIA. Linkage of these competencies to skills tested in the BEAC examination process is also anticipated although no formal adoption has been made at this time.

We recognize that this is a journey and intend to keep the matrix refreshed over time as new requirements occur and skills change. We intend to continue to periodically update this information and invite your feedback, inputs, and questions regarding this project.

The Performance and Program STANDARDS for the Professional Practice of Environmental, Health & Safety Auditing were revised in 2008 and are now available for purchase.

New BEAC applicants receive a complimentary copy once their application has been processed.


BEAC® certifications are accredited through the Council of Engineering and Scientific Specialty Boards (CESB). To learn more about the CESB and BEAC’s professional associations, click on the appropriate links below.


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