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Global CPE and CPD Opportunities

Global CPE and CPD Opportunities

If you live in North America, you may also view the North American CPE Opportunities page.

Don’t Miss Out on Being Included in The IIA Certification Registry

All individuals who have earned an IIA certification and maintain it by reporting CPE/CPD are eligible to opt in to The IIA Certification Registry. This up-to-date record provides an opportunity for employers and recruiters to verify your certification. The registry will only include the following: certification holder’s first and last name; certificate ID; certification status; country of residence. Inclusion in the registry is voluntary.

If you do not report, your certification/qualification goes inactive, and as a result, you are no longer approved to represent yourself as a certified individual nor be listed in the registry.

Have you earned all the CPE or CPD credits needed to fulfill your certification requirements?

The IIA also offers these qualifying educational opportunities:

Calendar of Events
Visit the global calendar of events page for CPE opportunities. Start your search by visiting the calendar page.
IIA Institutes
Many IIA Institutes offer programs on audit-related issues for which attendees can earn CPE credit. Check with your Institute or find an Institute near you.
​International Conference
Attend the International Conference and earn up to 18 CPE credits. Earn more with optional pre- or post-conference sessions.
Internal Auditor Magazine
Earn 1 CPE credit with every issue by reading Internal Auditor magazine articles and answering questions about them here.

Other CPE Opportunities

Did you know you can earn CPE or CPD credits for other events and projects related to internal auditing? For example, you can earn credit by speaking on relevant topics at events; researching and authoring topical articles; serving in a volunteer capacity with The IIA on the local, regional, national, or international level, and more.

For more information on ways to earn CPE or CPD hours, please review the CPE Policy.

CPE Policy

Ready to report? Global IIA members who self-report through CCMS, please visit the Complete a Form section to report your CPE credits.

Reminder: Save your CPE supporting documentation for three (3) years to submit if you are selected for an audit.
Individuals from IIA Institutes should contact their local representatives for their CPE reporting process and fees. CPE reporting fees vary globally based upon membership status.

Report CPE 

CPE and CPD Requirements by Certification or Qualification


The IIA Certification Registry

Candidates from the following countries must refer to their local IIA Institute web-site or contact their local representative for more information about local certification processes:

The information contained on this website pertains to all other countries.