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Starting a Test Development Team (TDT)

A TDT is an evolutionary approach to developing high-quality certification items by experts in the internal audit profession. The TDT’s focus is on writing effective exam items, while interacting and sharing internal audit knowledge with chapter colleagues.

Initial Pilot Team

In 2011, a pilot TDT was formed with members from the Baltimore/Washington, DC Chapter. Thanks to TDT co-leaders Alan Siegfried and Bill Turner, a team of six skillful members was coordinated and the team’s success was remarkable.

The TDT should be organized by a chapter champion. The IIA will assign topics to the TDT quarterly, and the chapter champion will ensure each author on the team has specific topics on which to write on. These topics will be based on exam specifications and needs, and individual interest. An experienced Exam Development Committee  (EDC) member will partner with the chapter champion as a mentor/advisor on the TDT and item writing process.

Step 1: Once a chapter champion is identified, The IIA will provide topic lists on a quarterly basis. The chapter champion may assign individual writing assignments to TDT members based on exam development needs and individual interest. 

Step 2:  Teams may consist of a minimum of six members, with a maximum of up to 24 members. No previous experience in item development is necessary. TDTs should meet on a quarterly basis and the chapter champion should coordinate the first meeting with the TDT to ensure submitted items:

  • Follow the item writers guidelines.
  • Have been reviewed against the item writer checklist.
  • Are submitted in the required format and template.

Step 3: The IIA will conduct a multi-step internal review of all items submitted that meet the requirements noted above. Please allow (90) days to receive feedback and notification of whether or not the item(s) was accepted. Items may be accepted, declined, or returned for the author to rewrite based on feedback provided by the EDC.

TDT members will be required to sign an NDA and will receive training and mentoring throughout the item development process.


While advancing the profession, chapters may earn the following CAP points related to TDTs:

  • 10 points annually for developing/holding TDT meetings
  • 1 point per accepted question, no maximum

In addition, individual authors may receive three hours of CPE per accepted question. (Item writing is included under the Publications category for CPE, which allows a maximum of 50 hours to be earned in that category for each two-year period.)

To assist in the process, The IIA will provide the TDT the appropriate reference materials needed to research, write, and reference each item.

If interested in launching a TDT, please contact The IIA at