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CIA Practice Tests

Now Available in Chinese Simplified and French!

Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) Practice Tests

Demonstrate internal audit knowledge, assess your readiness, and get exposure to the CIA exam format with The IIA’s new per-part practice tests. Questions are based on past CIA exams* and are available on a candidate’s preferred timetable.

Practice Tests are available in English, Spanish, French, German, and Chinese Simplified. The investment is US$50 per part for a one-time-only exam practice experience. Upon registering, candidates will receive a link from our test provider. Note that candidates will only be able to access the link one time, so choose a time to do so at your convenience.

What feedback will I receive post-test?

Candidates will know if they “pass” or “fail” a practice test part. The candidate will not receive a numeric score, but if they receive a “fail” message, they will receive feedback on which areas to focus on by topic, simulating the unofficial score report a candidate would receive at the actual test site. A candidate will not know which individual questions were answered correctly versus incorrectly.

How is this different from training?

There will be no diagnostic information shared. Candidates will not know which individual questions were answered correctly versus incorrectly. There will not be an explanation of why one answer is correct and others are incorrect as happens in training materials.

Who is eligible to take the practice tests?

  • Candidates who are interested in taking an exam.
  • Candidates who are in an “applied,” “approved” or “registered” status in Certification Candidate Management System (CCMS).

How many questions are included and how long will it take?

The length of test time is proportional to the time allotted for the actual certification exam. See below for practice test length of time and number of test questions:

CIA Practice Test Part
Number of Practice Test Questions
Test Length
Part 1
60 questions
75 minutes
Part 2
50 questions
60 minutes
Part 3
50 questions
60 minutes

Access CCMS and visit the Complete a Form section to begin the practice test experience.

*Please note: These practice questions will not appear on the actual CIA exams. There is no guarantee stated or implied that a passing score on a practice test will assure passage of an actual CIA examination. No credit is given toward CIA certification exams for passing a CIA practice test. The score is not an indication or assurance of passage of the actual examination.

Completion of a practice test is not mandatory, and will not impact your eligibility to sit for the certifications offered by The IIA. Practice tests are not monitored by a proctor.

Access The IIA's Certification Candidate Management System.