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CRMA Exam Syllabi Update

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CRMA: Why and What Is Changing


globeRisk management assurance is an essential internal audit responsibility. As the risk landscape has continued to expand and change, The IIA recognized the need for the Certification in Risk Management Assurance® (CRMA®) program to keep pace. This required a thorough evaluation of the exam requirements and content to ensure they reflect the skills needed to audit today’s emerging risks, as well as consider the organizational view required to effectively execute risk management assurance. The IIA conducted two studies — a market study and a job analysis study. The market study revealed perceived ambiguity between the CRMA and the Certified Internal Auditor® (CIA®). Additionally, it confirmed that more business experience and a deeper level of risk management knowledge are required in order to provide holistic and effective risk management assurance. As such, the new CRMA is positioned as a career pathway for internal auditors after achieving the CIA designation. It is the only risk management assurance certification for internal auditors.


gearsThe amount of risk management and internal audit-specific experience required to sit for the exam has increased, and candidates must hold an active Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) designation to apply for the enhanced program. Additionally, the CRMA exam itself has been revised, with updates that include changes to the exam syllabus, length, and types of questions asked.

​Current CRMA New CRMA​
Prerequisite Pass CIA Part 1 exam Active CIA designation
Work Experience 2 years of internal audit experience 5 years of internal audit and/or risk management experience
CRMA Exam 100 questions 125 questions
Seat Time ​120 minutes ​150 minutes
Competency Level Basic and proficient ​Proficient
Question Types Multiple choice only Variety of question types
Language English English
Annual CPE 20 hours 20 hours

*Work experience is an “exit” requirement for the CRMA program. Candidates with less experience may apply for the CRMA program and sit for the exam. However, to obtain the designation, the experience requirement must be met before the two-year program window expires.

Select and view exam syllabus details below.

2011 CRMA Exam Syllabus
2021 CRMA Exam Syllabus

CRMA Study Material

COMING SOON! The Bookstore will soon release the new CRMA Exam Study Guide and Practice Questions, 2nd Edition, the comprehensive review material you need to prepare for the Certification in Risk Management Assurance (CRMA) exam.

CRMA Program Pricing

​Application Fee Exam Registration Fee
Beta Testing (Member and Nonmember Pricing) US $0 US $90*
Member US $95 US $445
Nonmember US $210 US $580

*The reduced exam registration fee is only available to the first 200 approved candidates. Candidates who are approved after the threshold of 200 will remit the standard exam registration rate based on membership.


calendarAs of 1 April 2021, the new program requirements, new exam, format, and pricing changes will take effect.

​Date ​Activity
31 March 2021 Last day to apply to the current CRMA program
1 April 2021 Application to open for the updated CRMA program
1 May–30 June 2021 CRMA Beta Testing
1 October 2021 Official launch of the new CRMA exam

CRMA Revision Handbook

Aspiring candidates, as well as current certification holders and in-progress candidates, can learn more about how these changes will impact them by referencing the “CRMA Program: Why and How It’s Changing” handbook. Specifically, the handbook includes:

  • Revised CRMA: A Core Certification for Internal Auditing
    • Why and How Is the CRMA Program Changing?
  • CRMA Exam Syllabus Changes
    • Purpose of the Exam, CRMA Revised Exam Syllabus, CRMA Reference List, Passing Score
  • New Types of Exam Questions
    • Multiple Choice, Multiple Response, Fill in the Blank, Categorizing, Matching, Ordering, Hotspot, Scenario Item Set
  • Transition From Current to Revised CRMA Exam
    • CRMA Beta Test, Timeline for Transitioning the CRMA Exam, How Will the CRMA Transition Affect You?, Frequently Asked Questions


2021 CRMA Beta Testing

Be among the first to sit for the new exam by participating in the CRMA Beta Test. Interested individuals may find timeline and savings information below.

  • The application will be available on 1 April 2021. For a limited time, applicants for the updated CRMA program can enjoy a free application (savings of US$95).
  • The first 200 approved candidates will receive a significantly reduced registration rate of US$90. After the first 200 approved candidates, the standard registration rate – US$445/members or $580/nonmembers will apply.
  • Beta Testing will only be offered at test centers.
  • To participate in the CRMA Beta Test approved candidates must sit for the exam from 1 May 2021 to 30 June 2021.
  • Approved candidates who do not sit for the exam by 30 June 2021, will be required to schedule an appointment after 1 October 2021.

CIA Challenge Exam for CRMA Holders

Individuals who hold an active CRMA designation are invited to participate in the CIA Specialty Challenge Exam that will be offered until 31 June 2021. Visit the CIA Specialty Challenge Exam — CRMA for more information.