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Internal Auditing Education Partnership Exchange 

​2019 Internal Audit Student Exchange Elevates Internal Audit Education Globally

On Sept. 20–22, 2019, students, educators, academic relations chairs, and employers from across the globe came together for The IIA’s annual Internal Audit Student Exchange (IASE) in Orlando, Florida.

Students participated in mock interviews, had professional headshots taken, met dedicated internal audit professionals, and interacted with potential employers. Always a conference highlight, students also showcased their auditing skills in the real-world student case competition with their internal audit peers from around the world.

Educators walked away with resources and tools to enhance the effectiveness of internal audit curriculum in their universities and better prepare students for a rewarding career in internal audit while academic relations chairs learned about new approaches to expand academic engagement activities within their local chapter.

The conference once again boasted a record number of attendees from nine countries and 45 colleges and universities.

The Future of the Profession

“The Internal Audit Student Exchange had a positive impact in my career choice three years ago as a student. Now in the profession, this conference allows me to share my testimonial with other students who may not know what internal audit is, and that it can be a viable and rewarding career choice. Now as the ARC of the local chapter, I can positively impact the students in my community and use the conference as a catapult for the profession. I love to see the students come back with new perspectives and a new sense of motivation.” Genevieve Hernandez, University of Texas at El Paso

“I would recommend students to attend this student exchange because it is an eye-opening experience that allows students to not only know more about internal audit and its certifications, but also know how to overcome public speaking fears and improve social networking skills.” Sven Teoh, St. Cloud State University

“The IIA does a phenomenal job with the Internal Audit Student Exchange. The event has exceptional speakers. It provides significant takeaways for ARC chairs, educators, and students.” Marina L. Garcia, IIA–Miami Chapter Academic Relations Chair

“The IIA’s Internal Audit Student Exchange is a great opportunity for academic relations chairs to network with other chairs as well as learn more about ways to advance the profession. I would highly recommend this conference to other academic relations chairs and look forward to returning next year.” Christina Ostran Mehltretter, IIA–Charlotte Chapter Academic Relations Chair

 “The Internal Audit Student Exchange ignited my passion for pursuing a career in internal audit because I was able to participate in activities that reflected real-world experience, and I interacted with professionals who shared their love for the profession. I realized through the Internal Audit Student Exchange that the reason I want to pursue a career in internal audit is because of my desire for helping people, making a difference, and learning new things. This past year was particularly rewarding. It was my honor and privilege to lead a discussion with Naohiro Mouri, Global Chairman of The IIA and Chief Audit Executive for AIG. With the support of my faculty advisor, Professor Joseph Mauriello, I was able to engage in a conversation with the esteemed Mouri-san in front of 100 people, which served to foster each conference participant’s understanding of the great things this profession has to offer. Walking off the stage, I could feel a sense of confidence and personal growth. By pushing myself out of my comfort zone, I grew personally and professionally. To this day, I tell myself, “I can do anything I set my mind to. Be audit you can be!” Angie Wong, University of Texas at Dallas

“I had a wonderful experience at the Internal Audit Student Exchange…I met incredible people from all around the world and participated in the student case competition in which we took first place.” Petya Petkova, graduate student, Birmingham City University, United Kingdom

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