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Your Donations Are Instrumental to Your Foundation

As a nonprofit, generous contributions are instrumental for the Foundation to continue to conduct groundbreaking research projects, publish invaluable thought leadership, increase academic and professional resources, and forge new partnerships to elevate the profession.

Our theme, “Be Instrumental to the Future of YOUR Foundation,” focuses on what donors, and all internal auditors, get when they give.

Here are the actual dollar values associated with the development of our content, research, publications, and academic advancement initiatives:


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Beyond creating 15 new publications and research papers in 2018–19 on critical topics such as cybersecurity, risk management, corporate culture, and disruptive technologies, the Foundation is pursuing $100,000 to write, revise, and release books like Sawyer’s Guide for Internal Auditors, 7th Edition — Enhancing and Protecting Organizational Value.


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Research Project

In addition to producing new and timely CBOK reports, research remains an essential aspect of our offerings since our inception in 1976. The Foundation is now seeking funding for new research opportunities such as a report on the impact of disruptive Innovations.


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Academic Resources

More than awarding over $1.6 million to date in grants and scholarships supporting nearly 50 universities in 14 countries that provide a robust internal audit curriculum, the Foundation is in need of $10,000 to sponsor scholarships for students and educators.

Contributions Are Invaluable to the Future of the Profession


How the Foundation Gives Back

Our Past

Since 1976, the Foundation has developed hundreds of research projects and educational products focused on the most critical issues and topics facing internal audit practitioners around the world. These projects help expand the global profession of internal auditing and empower practitioners to enhance their performance.

Your Future

We need your continued help to sustain the investment in developing the future of your profession. It is only possible because of your charitable donations — not IIA member dues. Make your tax-deductible donation and help orchestrate internal audit innovation along with contributions from fellow IIA members who are working in concert to help the profession perform.

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