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​10 Emojis That Sum Up An Internal Auditor's Life

In his blog, IIA President and CEO Richard Chambers, CIA, QIAL, CGAP, CCSA, CRMA, shares his personal reflections and insights on the internal audit profession. Here's an excerpt from his latest post:

Last week, The IIA successfully hosted its annual Global Council where delegates from more than 80 countries assembled in Japan. While there, I learned that emojis originated in Japan. In fact, the word "emoji" comes from the Japanese for "picture" e+ "character" moji. As one who uses emojis with increasing frequency, I have been thinking light-heartedly about how our profession might use them.

Granted, internal auditors are a serious bunch. The work we do is steeped in integrity, honesty, and independence. In the view of many — both inside and outside the profession — internal audit often serves as the conscience of the organization. This is an awesome responsibility that most of us eagerly take to heart.

It is not surprising then that internal audit practitioners can come across as solemn, grave, and even dour. These descriptions are inaccurate, of course, but I wonder if we don't do enough to dispel the myth of the humorless internal auditor. I like to joke that many of us firmly believe that 1,000 words are worth a picture, and that behind every silver lining is a dark cloud. Sometimes, it can be healthy to sit back and take a light-hearted look at ourselves.

Read the full blog post from IIA President and CEO Richard Chambers.