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Conferences in Turkey Feature Internal Audit Focus 

Held at the Turkish Parliament, IIA‒Turkey (TIDE) participated in a public conference that focused on “How to Become a More Effective Internal Audit Management in Public Administration.” Hosted by the Turkish Grand National Assembly (TGNA), TIDE along with other organizations spent one day discussing the state of the internal audit function in Turkey.

Opening the conference, Chairman of the Turkish Parliament Cemil Çiçek drew attention to the importance of internal audit and the business of internal auditors in public administrations. Çiçek also supported the proposal to designate one week every year as audit week. He said “It is required to create a public awareness in order to put forward what audit and internal audit mean, and to which extent this business is vital, critical and significant. And to this end, we need public training.”

Following his keynote address, the conference continued with three sessions including panels on internal audit standards, risk management, and the future of the internal audit function.

During the internal audit standards panel, IIA‒Turkey President Gürdoğan Yurtsever addressed the audience stating “we, as TIDE, are endeavoring to ensure that internal audit practices in Turkey are upgraded and enhanced to international standards, and are organizing many activities to this end.” He continued that the “basic goal of internal audit is to add value to institutions. The value addition function of internal audit is valid also for public administrations, and compliance of internal audit activities with international standards bears great importance for reduction of risks, and prevention of probable losses, and efficient and effective use of resources, in public administrations.”

Three weeks following the public conference, more than 700 delegates attended IIA‒Turkey’s annual Turkey Internal Auditing Congress Reputation., themed “The Strategic Role of Audit in the Management of Corporate Reputation.”

After opening remarks from Yurtsever, keynote speaker Professor Jean Paul Louisot presented the key drivers of corporate reputation. He was followed by several plenary sessions covering risk management, the role of internal audit in emerging technologies, and internal audit reform in the public sector.

Following remarks from TIDE founder and honorary chairman Ali Kamil Uzun, the second day of the conference continued with sessions on the third line of defense, regulations impacting the internal audit function, and a panel on reputation management of internal audit.

Overall, both events were successful as TIDE continues to stay in the forefront of enhancing and elevating the internal audit profession.

For full details, visit TIDE. To view conference photos, visit our Flickr and Facebook pages.

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