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​Internal Audit Foundation Releases New Artificial Intelligence Research Report

Educating Practitioners on Unique Risks Posed by Data Use

The Internal Audit Foundation has released a new research report, Artificial Intelligence – The Data Below, to make internal auditors aware of the different ways AI applications use data and the unique risks this poses. By educating practitioners on how AI data use differs from that of standard IT applications, the authors hope to help internal auditors understand why and how they must adapt their audit approach.

Pointing to key differences like AI’s use of probability versus correctness when it comes to data, the authors discuss the various land mines organizations can unwittingly stumble upon if their internal audit teams cannot confidently assess the governance of the data in the development, implementation, and operational phases. To this end, they:

  • Provide an overview of different aspects of data as related to AI.
  • Identify specific challenges presented by the role of data.
  • Suggest interview questions practitioners can use to ascertain data governance during the various phases of application rollout.

This research report applies to all internal auditors across all industries and provides guidance in the absence of specific standards related to auditing AI governance, since it is a relatively new phenomenon.

This report, powered by the Internal Audit Foundation and sponsored by The IIA’s Chicago Chapter, is available for free download.