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​Internal Auditor Recognizes 20 ‘Emerging Leaders’
Magazine salutes practitioners for leadership, innovation, advocacy

Altamonte Springs, Fla. (April 1, 2014) – Internal Auditor (Ia) magazine, published by The Institute of Internal Auditors, announced today the selection of 20 “Emerging Leaders” who are making a difference in their organizations and in the internal audit profession.

The magazine’s April cover story, “Taking the Lead,” identifies the 20 practitioners for their exceptional achievement in internal auditing as demonstrated by their professionalism, leadership, certifications, advocacy, community service, and innovative thinking. The honorees, and 10 honorable mentions, were selected from nearly 100 nominations by a panel of judges comprising distinguished internal audit professionals with decades of combined experience.

“The internal audit profession is continually evolving through the work of innovative leaders such as these,” said Anne Millage, editor-in-chief of Internal Auditor. “Recognizing these 20 Emerging Leaders will hopefully inspire others to seek out and make the most of the many opportunities the profession presents for leadership.”

The Emerging Leaders list, which includes professionals from the private and public sectors, reflects a variety of strengths and talents characteristic of rising leaders and the diversity of industries in which internal auditing plays a critical role.

Ia magazine’s Emerging Leaders for 2014 are:

Tamara Baugh-Brissett, 34, general manager of audit services, Development Bank of Jamaica:
Outside the office, Baugh-Brissett plays an integral role in the rebuilding and rebranding process for IIA-Jamaica, including efforts to ensure timely submission of reports, keep members informed, and provide advice on seeking certification.

Olivier Beauregard, 35, director of internal audit, Agence Métropolitaine de Transport:
Described as a peaceful but effectively leader, Beauregard brings passion to everything he does, always trying to promote the latest internal audit methods and working to integrate data analytics into existing audit functions.

Leslie D. Bordelon, 29, manager, Protiviti Inc.:
Bordelon says she defines leaders as those who strive to help others as much as themselves.  She leads multiple internal training efforts, mentors consultants, and provides coaching to her project teams to ensure continuous learning and development.

Christina Hardy, 34, manager of corporate audit, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska:
Hardy’s ability to connect with clients sets her apart. Good communications is a soft skill in internal auditing that enhances the technical ones, she says. One client commented, “I’ve met a lot of auditors and don’t think I’ve been more impressed with someone’s approach.”

Joseph Harrington, 32, director, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP:
Through his partnership with one company’s risk management function, he’s credited with helping ensure that the control culture was independently assessed and championed on the back-end as well. As a result, business owners now embrace the internal control environment throughout their business processes and include risk considerations during new product and delivery roll-out.

Edward Hill, 33, senior audit manager, AT&T:
Hill understands the value of a well-performed audit. At both internal audit organizations where Hill has worked, his testing efforts and audits positively impacted the business and customers in key areas such as data protection and system security.

Bryan Kallstrom, 32, auditor, Hennepin County, Minn.:
Kallstrom values lessons learned from those around him, including his parents, grandfather, co-workers and supervisors. His focus on self-improvement helped him grow into a leader whose work has increased program compliance and decreased external audit costs for Hennepin County.

Derrick Li, 31, head of internal audit, Translink, South Coast British Columbia Transportation Authority:
Li is a strong supporter of continuing education, having earned six professional certifications, including Certified Internal Auditor (CIA). His passion for education drove him to start IIA-Vancouver’s Internal Audit Employer Co-op Subsidy program, which connects internal audit employers with co-op students.

Sarah Lipps, 26, senior audit leader, Wells Fargo:
Lipps understands that listening is as important as speaking, and effective leadership makes it possible for internal auditors to do their jobs better. Lipps recently helped guide the internal audit team through the implementation of a new audit tool and methodology, updating prior audit coverage strategies to the new methodology and documentation standards.

Brian Matthews, 28, internal audit manager, AutoZone:
A former president and current board member of the Memphis IIA Chapter, Matthews recently led a supply chain logistics audit that found more than $2.5 million in annual savings opportunities due to his innovative data-analytics process.

Shakeya McDow, 35, senior manager, healthcare advisory services, EY:
McDow serves as president of The Institute of Internal Auditors’ (The IIA’s) Dallas chapter and was instrumental in obtaining funding for the endowment of the Center for Internal Auditing Excellence at the University of Texas at Dallas.

Meghan Patronella, 25, internal auditor, Texas Department of Public Safety:
Patronella’s philosophy that internal audit is a key management-support tool has helped her win not only management’s support but also its trust. She participated in the development of risk and control self-assessment (RCSA) courses for organizational clients, and designed an internal Web page about the RCSA process and its benefits.

Jennifer Radke, 33, supervising senior auditor-corporate, Safeway Inc.:
Radke, a member of the board of directors of the Arizona chapter of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, has led several high-risk audits leading to contributions in cost savings, increased revenue, and more effective controls and oversight.

Louis Seabrooke, 35, internal audit principal, Office of the Comptroller General, Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat:
As a member of the Canadian government’s central agency internal audit group, Seabrook has the credentials to influence and improve internal audit over government as a whole. For example, Seabrooke led the development of a government-wide, three-year risk-based audit plan after extensive internal consultations.

Brian Shute, 30, internal auditor, Akamai Technologies Inc.:
Shute sets challenging goals beyond his audit responsibilities. He was a teaching fellow for the Strategies for Sustainability Management course at Harvard University in 2013, and a cross-functional Streamlined Life Cycle Analysis team member for Raytheon.

Laura Soileau, 35, associate director, Postlethwaite & Netterville:
Soileau serves as leader for the Control and Risk Advisory Service line for her company, setting the strategic direction of the group and providing leadership and guidance necessary for the team to achieve its objectives.

Sonia Thomas, 32, director of internal audit/CAE, First Command Financial Services Inc.:
Thomas developed an internal audit department at First Command, creating a risk-assessment function, establishing policies and procedures, and hiring and training department personnel. Building a department from the ground up helped her mold her team into a “transparent, consultative wing” for the organization, according to colleagues.

Agnessa Vartanova, 32, manager, internal audit, Ball Corp:
A Ball Corp. Award of Excellence winner, Vartanova has been a significant catalyst for driving the company’s recently revised internal audit strategy. Vartanova’s work on the enterprise’s key internal processes quickly led to significant changes that made them more effective and efficient.

Mark Wayman, 34, assistant vice president of marketing operations, The Warranty Group:
During his tenure as internal audit manager, Wayman advocated for the internal audit profession at his company by leading informational seminars on the profession and other related topics. He was promoted to his current position because management wanted his input on growing operations.

Dan Zitting, 32, vice president, product management and design, ACL Services Ltd.:
Zitting’s vision is to create a world where auditors and other GRC professionals are organizations’ most sought-after people. Zitting’s interest in IT led him to develop the first cloud-based internal audit management system, and founded a company that developed, managed, and delivered that system via Web and mobile applications.

In addition to the Emerging Leaders, 10 internal audit professionals received honorable mentions.  They are:

  • Tim Chase, 35, Western Refining, Inc., Tempe, Ariz.
  • Seren Dagdeviren, 32, Ivanhoe Cambridge, Montreal
  • Colton Fontenot, 29, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, New York City
  • Anton Kuzupeev, 29, Alfa-Bank Belarus, Minsk, Republic of Belarus
  • Mieke Leonard, 32, Government of Yukon, Whitehorse, Yukon
  • Hongliang Ma, 35, Central China Real Estate Ltd., Zhengzhou City, China
  • George Papuga IV, 34, Stoneridge, Inc., Warren, Ohio
  • Aditya Ramananda, 29, Hewlett-Packard, Bangalore, India
  • Mark Smith, 33, First Citizens Bank of South Carolina, Columbia, S.C.
  • Rachael Vaudry, 33, ATB Financial, Calgary, Alberta

To read Ia magazine’s coverage of this year’s Emerging Leaders and to view more extensive biographies, go to

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