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Global Institute of Internal AuditorsBreadcrumb SeparatorNewsBreadcrumb SeparatorInternal Auditors from the Nordic and Baltic Regions Attend Inaugural Nordic Light Seminar

​Internal Auditors from the Nordic and Baltic Regions Attend Inaugural Nordic Light Seminar

In June, IIA‒Sweden hosted the first Nordic Light Audit Executive Seminar in Stockholm, Sweden.  Developed under a mutual recognition of the need for increased collaboration across borders in the Nordic and Baltic regions, 75 current and aspiring leaders attended the seminar to network, exchange knowledge and experiences, and share new ideas and concepts with colleagues.

IIA‒Sweden’s CEO Klas Schöldström and past president Charlotta Löfstrand Hjelm opened the seminar, speaking briefly about the Nordic Light project before Phil Tarling, former IIA chairman of the global board, spoke on the importance of ethics in internal audit. Following his lecture, participants broke into smaller discussion groups by sector to further discuss ethics in their respective industries. After this session, five master classes were held in parallel giving participants an opportunity to have an in-depth discussion on the topic. Each master class was hosted by one of several keynote speakers including Richard Chambers, IIA President and CEO; Anton van Wyk, 2014-15 IIA global chairman; Fredrik Kjellberg Mannheimer, manager and associated partner at Palladium Group; Sarah Blackburn, Audit Committee chairman at the Health and Social Care Information center (HSCIC); and Phil Tarling.

Opening the second day of the seminar, Chambers hosted a lecture on his thoughts on the future of the internal audit profession by exploring the global environment in which internal audit operates and by examining key risks and opportunities facing the profession over the next few years. Van Wyk followed with a lecture on how “Minding the Gap” can create trust with stakeholders by delivering peace of mind. After the lectures, participants partook in roundtable discussions sessions on the modern internal auditor.

The second day continued with the same master classes held once again simultaneously proceeding the seminar’s final panel discussion session about internal audit in the region and the future of the Nordic Light project.

Regarding the Nordic Light initiative, van Wyk said “The world is changing and we as internal audit need to constantly, through this change and ever altering risk landscape, address our relevance and the value we bring to our organizations. Our stakeholders are, more and more, judging us on outcomes, and we need to develop filters to ensure we address those risks that matter. What better way to get to appreciate lessons learned, experiences had and geographic concerns, than to bring countries together with a common purpose as was done with the recent Nordic Light conference in Sweden — a successful way of collaborating to everyone's benefit.”

Chambers added “The Nordic Light 2015 presented an extraordinary opportunity for internal audit executives from across the region to gather and exchange ideas and practices. These events are crucial to advancing the internal audit profession worldwide. The attendees were enthusiastic and engaged. I am confident that the annual Nordic Light event will take its place alongside the premier internal audit conferences in the world.”

For more information on the seminar, visit the Nordic Light website. To view seminar photos, visit our Flickr and Facebook pages.

Panel discussion at the 2015 Nordic Light SeminarAttendees gathered at the 2015 Nordic Light Seminar