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​New Auditor’s Guide to Internal Auditing Book Released

The Internal Audit Foundation’s new release, New Auditor’s Guide to Internal Auditing, incorporates insights, stories, and tips covering the “who, why, how, when, what, and where” of internal auditing for new auditors in their first two years in the profession. It also caters to educators and others who support internal audit, such as engineers, lawyers, and health professionals. In addition, it provides team leaders and chief audit executives (CAEs) with contemporary tools to assist in training new recruits.

The book introduces 10 features that will help to extend thinking beyond the basics, by:

  • Highlighting different ways of covering financial audits to deliver different (broader) outcomes.
  • Providing right-to-audit techniques where important business operations are outsourced.
  • Outlining an approach for performing an integrated audit of hard and soft controls.
  • Providing a structured approach to reviewing reporting risks by developing a list of key reports.
  • Reflecting on ways to assess the overall compliance framework, and not just micro bits and pieces.
  • Drawing out decision-support reporting risks for business critical functions when using spreadsheets.
  • Illustrating why audit workpapers need to be prepared to withstand intense external scrutiny.
  • Stressing the importance of telling the story for outstanding and overdue audit recommendations.
  • Introducing the concept of a quality assertion for the audit committee, covering oblique standards.
  • Showcasing the A-to-Z secrets for optimizing an auditor’s contribution.

IIA members are invited to log in to the IIA Bookstore (powered by the Internal Audit Foundation) to purchase this new release using their member discount. Nonmembers may also purchase the New Auditor’s Guide to Internal Audit by visiting the IIA Bookstore.