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Overcoming Adversity Is a Test of Character

In his blog, IIA President and CEO Richard Chambers, CIA, QIAL, CGAP, CCSA, CRMA, shares his personal reflections and insights on the internal audit profession. Here's an excerpt from his latest post:

As internal auditors, we all face adversity over the course of our professional journey. At times, the challenges can be as simple as the frustration of dealing with a client who doesn't see things the way we do. At other times, our careers and lives may be radically altered by uncontrollable events, such as a layoff, recession, serious health issue, or family crisis.

I will be the first to admit that I have been very fortunate to not have faced many instances of profound adversity. Like almost everyone, I have had moments of professional and personal disappointment, but nothing compared with what some of my colleagues have endured. I learned long ago that you cannot always tell how a person will respond to adversity — particularly a setback in one's professional career. Some let such disappointments define them, but others rise from the ashes and climb to even greater heights. In the end, I believe that you can tell more about the content of a person's character by how they handle themselves in adversity than in prosperity.

Read the full blog post from IIA President and CEO Richard Chambers.