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The IIA Awards Building Awareness Champions for Outstanding Participation

LAKE MARY, Fla. (Aug. 15, 2019)— Acknowledging the exceptional efforts made to advocate for the value of the internal audit profession around the world, The Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) presented 35 International Affiliates and Chapters with the 2019 Building Awareness Champion Digital Award.

The Building Awareness Champion Digital Award recognizes Affiliates and Chapters that actively promote awareness of the profession during International Internal Audit Awareness Month, celebrated annually in May. Those who successfully complete the Building Awareness Champion program are given the digital award to display on their websites in recognition of their hard work.  

The IIA’s Building Awareness Toolkit features ideas, tips, and easy-to-use tools and templates to help Chapters and Affiliates advocate for the profession. In addition to obtaining official proclamations from government representatives, many – the Memphis, Palm Beach County, and Western Carolinas Chapters among them – celebrated the month with special conferences and seminars.

Showcasing International Internal Audit Awareness Month is a serious undertaking for participants. In 2019, as in years past, champions’ passion for internal auditing spurred creative initiatives to further promote the value of the profession. For example, IIA–Uganda, in partnership with internal auditors from Housing Finance Bank, donated 100 textbooks to a secondary school and, during a visit to the school, encouraged students to concentrate on their studies and to consider a career in internal audit.

IIA–Oman conducted awareness sessions on Anti-Money Laundering and on the importance of internal auditing. IIA–Singapore attracted more than 60 internal audit professionals to its “Learn and Lunch: Rising to a Challenge in a Risky World.”

Many awareness events also included artfully displayed food and beautifully decorated cakes.

Other highlights included:

  • IIA–Philippines hosted a bowling event, which highlighted the month’s “Shout It Out” theme with a “Shout It Out” wall, on which one participant wrote, “One of the best moments of my career is to be part of IIAP and ACIIA.”
  • IIA–Botswana stepped up – literally – with a Kgale Hill hike and an aerobics session.
  • Among its seminars and other presentations, IIA–Panama also celebrated its 15th anniversary with a commemorative video featuring messages from six of the organization’s presidents.
  • IIA–Korea held a CIA certificate ceremony, at which the 1,000th holder of the CIA designation was recognized.

In addition to IIA Affiliates and Chapters, The IIA recognized the efforts of these companies, which held events to acquaint others in their organizations with the value internal audit brings to the table: BRAC, RD Corp., eHealth Ontario, and Gentera.​

While May shines a spotlight on the profession, practitioners know that advocating is a year-round undertaking. The IIA thanks everyone who participated in 2019 International Internal Audit Awareness Month activities, and encourages participants to start thinking now about how they will build awareness in 2020. If, in the planning, your organization has ideas you’d like to share or have considered for incorporation into the Building Awareness Toolkit, please send those to

Below is the complete list of Building Awareness Champions. They also are listed – along with other ideas for promoting awareness – on The IIA’s North America and Global websites.

  • IIA–Argentina
  • IIA–Botswana
  • IIA–Brazil
  • IIA–Chile
  • IIA–Chinese Taiwan
  • IIA–Colombia
  • IIA–Costa Rica
  • IIA–Dominican Republic
  • IIA–Ecuador
  • IIA–El Salvador
  • IIA–Finland
  • FLAI
  • IIA–Greece
  • IIA–Haiti
  • IIA–Indonesia
  • IIA–Jordan
  • IIA–Korea
  • IIA–Lebanon
  • IIA–Memphis Chapter
  • IIA–Mongolia
  • IIA–Nicaragua
  • IIA–Oman
  • IIA–Palm Beach County Chapter
  • IIA–Panama
  • IIA–Paraguay
  • IIA–Peru
  • IIA–Philippines
  • IIA–Singapore
  • IIA–Slovenia
  • IIA–Tanzania
  • IIA–Turkey
  • IIA–Uganda
  • IIA–Venezuela
  • IIA–Western Carolinas Chapter