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The Marriage of Strategy Development and Strategy Execution

RF-Balanced-Scorecard_Cover.pngThe Balanced Scorecard is a leading management framework used by organizations around the world for strategy execution. Its popularity and effectiveness is what led Mark L. Frigo, Ph.D., CPA, CMA, to refresh his 2002 book on the subject with The IIARF Bookstore’s newly release, The Balanced Scorecard: Applications in Internal Auditing and Risk Management.

Like a good marriage where both sides complement one another, Frigo’s book outlines how CAEs can blend the Balanced Scorecard framework and Strategy Maps together to help:

  • Describe and communicate the internal audit department’s strategy.
  • Translate that strategy into strategic objectives and performance measures.
  • Develop performance measures for the internal audit function that are linked to organizational strategy. 
  • Facilitate continuous improvement in the internal audit function.
  • Showcase the role and value of the internal audit function.

The book also highlights how practitioners can use Balanced Scorecards and Strategy Maps in risk assessments and enterprise risk management. To get your copy, please visit

Thank you IIA–Chicago Chapter for your sponsorship of this IIA Research Foundation (IIARF) publication.