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​Internal Auditors Should Stand on Principles

In his blog, IIA President and CEO Richard Chambers, CIA, QIAL, CGAP, CCSA, CRMA, shares his personal reflections and insights on the internal audit profession. Here's an excerpt from his latest post:

The world of internal auditing in the 21st century can be exhilarating, rewarding, nerve-wracking, exciting, and downright terrifying at times. The challenges that organizations face today make providing independent assurance to enhance organizational value anything but dull.

In looking back over more than four decades in this profession, I couldn't have imagined as a junior auditor at Trust Company of Georgia how radically the profession would change during my career. The junior auditor of today can leverage new technology to examine an enormous volume of data in minutes that once took days or weeks. She can dive into understanding and evaluating organizational culture, and wrestle with serious questions about data ethics, data privacy, and data protection. What radical changes await her over the next 40 years is impossible to say with certainty, except that they will occur.

The foundation that will enable us to navigate the changes to come is the International Professional Practices Framework generally and the Core Principles for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing specifically. No matter what changes may impact the profession, we must stand on principles. We should never lose sight of the fundamental beliefs that drive our profession and our practitioners.

Read the full blog post from IIA President and CEO Richard Chambers.