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Board Member Resource Exchange

Board Member Resource Exchange

The resources on this page provide a wealth of information for governing bodies responsible for oversight of management reporting on internal controls. Because internal audit plays a key role in assessing and reporting on risk management and internal controls, governing bodies and internal audit share a healthy interdependence.

IA's Role in ESGNEW! Internal Audit’s Role in ESG Reporting: Independent assurance is critical to effective sustainability reporting
It is clear that strong governance over environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues — as with effective governance overall — requires alignment among the organization’s principal players. As with any risk area, internal audit should be well-positioned to support the governing body and management with objective assurance, insights, and advice on ESG matters. This paper provides an overview of risks related to ESG reporting, along with context on the growing sustainability movement. It also outlines how internal audit can support ESG objectives and add value.

Download now.

EY: Risky SixAn IIA & EY Report: “The Risky Six: Key questions to expose gaps in board understanding of organizational cyber resiliency
Practitioners and researchers from The IIA and EY conducted extensive analysis to determine the root cause of how and why boards within all industries get a skewed picture of their organizations’ ability to protect themselves from cyber-related risks with the requisite resiliency. The team identified six key questions that if unanswered likely mean a disconnect exists.

Download now and learn the six key questions that must be asked to expose gaps in board understanding of organizational cyber resiliency .

Internal Audit Assessment ToolInternal Audit Assessment Tool
Ensure that your organization’s internal audit activity is performing at the highest possible levels with the new Internal Audit Assessment Tool. This tool was created specifically to provide boards and audit committees with the instrument they need to assess the quality of their internal audit activity.

Download this free tool now: English | Slovenian | Turkish

Anti-Fraud Collaboration: Skepticism in Practice

Is Skepticism Bad? Is Fraud Good?
“Skepticism in Practice,” a new report by the Anti-Fraud Collaboration, explores the importance of more critically assessing the potential for fraud and examining some of the biases that can leave organizations blind to deceptive activities. A healthy dose of skepticism is key.

Learn more.

The IIA’s Three Lines Model Free Download

The IIA’s Three Lines Model: An update of the Three Lines of Defense, July 2020
The Three Lines Model is a fresh look at the familiar Three Lines of Defense, clarifying and strengthening the underpinning principles, broadening the scope, and explaining how key organizational roles work together to facilitate strong governance and risk management.

Three Lines Model available in 19 languages.

Internal Auditing’s Role in Governing Body/Executive Committees
Whether internal audit participates on an organization’s governing body and executive committees depends largely on what leadership defines as internal audit’s scope of work. For organizations that expand internal audit’s role beyond assurance on financial reporting to include operational and strategic issues, there is a great opportunity for internal audit to add value by participating on various governing body and executive committees. This paper provides examples of where internal audit can add value, offers questions leadership should ask before extending an invitation, and outlines precautions that should be taken while participating to ensure internal audit’s objectivity remains intact.
Download the new position paper now.

The Internal Audit Charter: A Blueprint to Assurance Success
A well-designed internal audit charter empowers the activity to operate at the highest levels. Learn seven key components to include — and five questions to ask stakeholders — to develop a charter that sends a clear, unambiguous message about internal audit’s role in the organization.
Download the new position paper now.

Relationships of Trust
An open relationship — one that pushes to improve communication and performance between the audit committee and internal audit — is critical to good governance and helps support the organization in reaching its goals. This requires the commitment of both parties to build connections that foster a trusting and dynamic partnership.
Download the new position paper now.

Fraud and Internal Audit: Assurance Over Fraud Controls Fundamental to Success
The IIA’s new position paper clarifies internal audit’s role in limiting fraud risk through assessment of internal controls, fraud prevention and response plans, and risk exposure. Answer the paper’s five questions to get a head start on building a strong anti-fraud program.
Download “Fraud and Internal Audit” now.

82% CAEs Have Unfiltered Access to Their Audit Committees at All Times

Board Perspectives
In Internal Auditor magazine’s new “Board Perspectives” articles, three audit committee members will share their views on how internal audit can provide value. In the first article, Matt Kelly interviews audit committee chairs Theresa Grafenstine, Marty Coyne, and Brenda Gains on how audit committees and CAEs can best work together.
Read “It’s All About Trust” now.

Whitepaper: United, Connected and Aligned

Whitepaper: United, Connected and Aligned
A joint report from The IIA and the International Federation of Accountants examines how internal audit and finance drive a sound system of corporate governance when working together. Learn how these distinct yet complementary roles, with their overlapping duties, can help to avoid gaps in governance.
Access the whitepaper now.

Insights to Quality: Successful Internal Audit Practices

Insights to Quality: How Principles Support
IIA Quality Services has released a three-part Insights to Quality report, “How The IIA Core Principles Support Successful Internal Audit Practices.” These quick reference tools outline how ‘providing risk-based assurance’ and ‘aligning with the strategies, objectives, and risks of the organization’ are Core Principles correlated to the Standards.
Get your copy now.

Richard Chambers

Chambers Named in Top 100
IIA President and CEO Richard Chambers has again been recognized by Accounting Today magazine as one of the 100 most influential change-makers and visionaries on a list that includes a wide range of prominent public and private sector executives, as well as national government leaders.
Learn more.

Norman Marks

Video Series: Communicating With Stakeholders
Author and former CAE Norman Marks reveals the information most important to internal audit stakeholders, the biggest mistake internal auditors make when communicating with management and the board, and how internal auditors can ensure their reports are actionable.
Watch Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 now.

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