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The IIA Risk Resource Exchange 

Risk Resource Exchange

Today’s business environment is characterized by mounting pressures for stronger, more effective risk management. The IIA’s Risk Resource Exchange is a comprehensive resource for professionals around the globe on risk guidance, publications, training, events, and more.

Auditing Credit Risk

Auditing Credit Risk in the Fintech Era
Financial technology (fintech) provides unique challenges to internal auditors around data, fraud, platforms, and credit risk. For practitioners working in the fintech lending sector, it is important to understand these challenges and how to respond in a way that helps maintain internal audit’s relevance in a dynamic business environment.

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Fraud Risk

Internal Audit Supports Fraud Risk Management
New from the Internal Audit Foundation and Kroll, “Fraud Risk Management in Internal Audit” offers global perceptions on internal audit’s role in assessing, preventing, detecting, and investigating fraud risk. Its survey says deeper engagement by internal audit leads to stronger fraud risk management.

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A New Reality of Risks
This North American report not only digs deeper during these unprecedented times, but also exposes emerging risk brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic and expanding reliance on technology. Additionally, it provides actionable guidance on how to bring all parties’ perceptions of 11 critical risks facing organizations into closer alignment.

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Adapting to Dynamic Risk

Adapting to the Dynamic Risk Environment
Internal audit is facing challenges to modernize practices, processes, and methodologies amid today’s digital age. Becoming a “next-generation” function that can recognize emerging risks and changes to the organization’s risk profile quickly and efficiently requires a dynamic risk assessment process.

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Get On Board and Roll With the Changes
Through crisis comes better controls, increased communication, and heightened consciousness. Now more than ever, boards need to know their role in the organization, and when necessary, roll with the changes to align with executive management and internal audit.

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Evolving Cyber Risk

Evolving Cyber Risks in a COVID-19 World
The IIA’s Harold Silverman chats with Toby DeRoche, a solutions consultant at Wolters Kluwer, about a recently released publication he authored in collaboration with The IIA and Internal Audit Foundation on the evolving cyber risks resulting from work-from-home conditions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Business Continuity

Business Continuity and Crisis Response
Despite the universal consensus that an effective business continuity plan is critical, there appears to be a disturbing trend of misalignment between CAEs, executive management, and board members. Discover possible causes and solutions for this misalignment to ensure business continuity plans perform optimally, regardless of the crisis at hand.

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Reimagining Resilience

Reimagining Resilience
Jenitha John, chair of The IIA’s Global Board of Directors, says today’s crises require organizations to not only bounce back, but also to bounce forward to achieve far-reaching transformation.

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New from IAF

New From the Internal Audit Foundation
Ready & Relevant: Prepare to Audit What Matters Most provides best practices for a more responsive and relevant internal audit function. It will give you the confidence to audit with agility and transform your team to be more risk-based.

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