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2018 CRMA App Fee Waiver

Lower Risks Overhead and Raise Your Skill Level

For a limited time, 1–31 August 2018, The IIA is waiving the application fee (up to a $230 value) for the CRMA credential.*

Certification in Risk Management Assurance® (CRMA®)

If your goal is to become a trusted advisor to the audit committee and executive management in the critical areas of risk assurance, governance processes, or quality assurance, the CRMA credential is for you.

Earning a certification is the best way to articulate your expertise in a specialized area without saying a word. Plan now to begin your application for this distinctive certification and save up $230 on the application. Apply between 1–31 August 2018 to qualify.

Get StartedStart Your Application

  • Click “Start Your Application”
  • Create a new, or access your current, candidate profile
  • Click on “Complete a Form”
  • Complete and submit the CRMA Application
  • Start studying

Development Resources to Mitigate Risk & Provide Assurance

Exclusive 25% Savings Offers

CRMA Exam Study Guide Bundle​
CRMA Exam Practice Questions Bundle

​Prepare to pass the CRMA exam with this specially priced bundle. Use promo code CRMA2018.

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NEW! Risk Book Bundle
Risk Book Bundle

​These four new releases provide effective risk assessment and management tools, including strategies to leverage COSO’s new ERM Framework.

  • Managing Risk in Uncertain Times: Leveraging COSO’s New ERM Framework
  • Assessing and Managing Strategic Risks: What, Why, How for Internal Auditors
  • The Internal Auditor’s Guide to Risk Assessment, 2nd Edition
  • Practical Enterprise Risk Management: Getting to the Truth

Save now!

Practical Tools Through Thought Leadership

*This offer applies only to the CRMA application fee. This offer may not apply in countries where exams are administered through Affiliates with certain agreements. Please contact your local Affiliate to verify if the offer is valid in your country. Offer excludes exam registration fees.

Latest News & Resources

Crisis Resilience

Help Your Organization Move from Crisis Aware to Crisis Resilient
Are you among the 39 percent of recent survey respondents who said they have no plan to address reputational risks? Find out how to prepare your organization to resist, react to, and recover from a crisis in the latest Global Perspectives and Insights report on Crisis Resilience. Download your copy.

Global Perspectives and Insights: Auditing Culture

New Global Perspectives and Insights Focuses on Auditing Culture
High-profile business scandals across the globe in 2015, from alleged corruption within FIFA to Volkswagen’s much reported emission’s scheme, have put a spotlight on how wayward corporate cultures can contribute to tangible negative outcomes. The new issue of Global Perspectives and Insights, Auditing Culture — A Hard Look at the Soft Stuff, makes the case that internal audit can enhance its value to an organization by auditing culture and provides a comprehensive look how it can be accomplished.

Internal Audit and the Second Line of Defense

Practice Guide: Internal Audit and the Second Line of Defense

Many organizations are restructuring responsibilities, ensuring governance and monitoring functions collaborate more closely to avoid duplication. With this change comes an additional weight for the chief audit executive; they may be asked to assume responsibilities for risk management, compliance, and other governance functions. Navigating through this process can be challenging; as a result, this guidance was developed to assist practitioners in making effective decisions regarding roles and responsibilities to assume related governance of risk management and controls. Learn more and download.

CBOK 2015: Who Owns Risk? A Look at Internal Audit’s Changing Role

Who Owns Risk? A Look at Internal Audit’s Changing Role
Who owns risk? The literal answer is “not internal audit.” However, there is no question that internal audit has helped organizations better understand and manage risk in the past and will undoubtedly play a valuable role in the future.

This report provides insights into the status of risk management and the role of internal audit around the world and lays out 13 key actions that can help chief audit executives (CAEs) and internal auditors ensure that their internal audit function is properly positioned to address risk challenges in an ever-changing world.

CBOK 2015: Responding to Fraud Risk: Exploring Where Internal Auditing Stands Responding to Fraud Risk: Exploring Where Internal Auditing Stands
Recent high profile cases of fraud have captured media attention and the scrutiny of regulators worldwide. This report offers current global analysis of the importance of fraud risk to internal audit and stakeholders.

CBOK 2015: Combined Assurance: One Language, One Voice, One View Combined Assurance: One Language, One Voice, One View
In increasingly complex organizations, where more and more players are involved in providing different measures of assurance, how can we prevent management from being overwhelmed by information and reports and succumbing to “assurance fatigue”? This report assists internal audit functions and their organizations to embark on the combined assurance journey. Internal audit has a key role to play in both the implementation and the coordination of activities as well as ongoing improvement.

2015 CBOK: Staying a Step Ahead Internal Audit Must Adapt to Tech Risks
A new report from the Internal Audit Foundation, Staying a Step Ahead, Internal Audit’s Use of Technology, reflects how internal audit is embracing technology. Based on data from the 2015 Common Body of Knowledge Practitioners Survey, the report provides insight for where the profession needs to go to help organizations keep up with ever-evolving technology and the risks it creates.

2015 CBOK: Navigating Technology's Top 10 Risks Navigating Top 10 Technology Risks
A new report from the Internal Audit Foundation ranks the biggest tech risks and outlines internal audit’s role in managing them. The authors of Navigating Technology’s Top 10 Risks developed the ranking based on data from the CBOK 2015 Global Internal Audit Practitioners survey as well as interviews with chief audit executives (CAEs) from around the world.

IIA–South Africa: Corporate Governance Index – An Internal Audit Perspective IIA–South Africa: Corporate Governance Index – An Internal Audit Perspective
IIA–South Africa has released the third edition of its Corporate Governance Index – An Internal Audit Perspective, a result of a survey completed by Chief Audit Executives (CAEs). It details the current state of corporate governance in South African organizations as perceived by its CAEs.

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