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The IIA Risk Resource Exchange 

Risk Resource Exchange

Today’s business environment is characterized by mounting pressures for stronger, more effective risk management. The IIA’s Risk Resource Exchange is a comprehensive resource for professionals around the globe on risk guidance, publications, training, events, and more.

Latest News & Resources

Any Weather

In Any Kind of Weather
One year after COSO issued its updated ERM framework, many internal audit functions are working to apply the new framework to help their organizations weather risks that are on the horizon. Paul Sobel reflects on how, through its assurance and advice, internal audit can help the organization apply the framework’s principles.

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Audit Channel

Making an Impact
What emerging risk areas can internal auditors examine to increase their impact in the organization? Gregg Hart, vice president of internal audit (CAE) at Penske Truck Leasing, provides his recommendations in Part 1 of this Audit Channel video.

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Third-party Risks

Learn How to Audit Third-party Provider Risks
This new practice guide informs chief audit executives and their audit teams about the roles, responsibilities, and risks involved in managing third-party provider risk. It offers tools and guidance on how to plan and execute audits that provide organizationwide value.

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Climate Action

Global Knowledge Brief: Climate Action
Climate actions will impact compliance, operational, and reputational risks and opportunities for organizations in all sectors and across all industries. Internal auditors should obtain sufficient knowledge to evaluate the organization’s risks and management processes related to climate change, climate actions, and sustainability. This primer is a good place to start.

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Tug of War

Risky Relationships
Trust is integral in working with third parties. Internal auditors can help their organization ensure that trust is fostered and maintained. A holistic audit strategy can provide confidence in the performance of third-party partners.

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Blindfold Stairs

Auditing Third-party Risk, Part 1
The IIA’s EVP and COO Bill Michalisin recently sat down with Stacy Juchno, general auditor at PNC Bank, and Brian Portman, principal at EY, to talk about why auditing third-party risk is such a hot-button topic in the marketplace today.

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ToT Misunderstood Risks

Misunderstood Risks & Constrained Auditors
The collapse of Carillion, the United Kingdom’s second-largest construction firm, sent shock waves through the corporate governance community. Learn more about what went wrong and strategies on how your organization can better prepare to refocus on disruptive risks.

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AC Video

Video: Cybersecurity: Threats and Expertise
Nathan Anderson, senior director of internal audit at McDonald’s, discusses the most significant cyber threats facing his organization and the types of expertise internal auditors need to address them on The IIA’s Audit Channel.

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How Are Global Organizations Combatting Corruption?
Find out in the Internal Audit Foundation’s newest report, “Auditing Anti-Bribery Programs.” It highlights initiatives that leading global organizations are implementing and discusses how national laws are impacting global operations.

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Points of View by Pelletier

4 Simple Steps to Mitigate Insider Threats
We’ve all seen the tremendous financial and reputational damage associated with data breaches and ransomware attacks. Whether through hiring, training, co-sourcing, or outsourcing, internal audit departments need to upgrade their skills quickly to address these risks.

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Global Perspectives

The 2018 Global Risk Report: Top Risks Faced by CAEs
As the need exists for internal audit to provide more value and strategic support, auditors must ensure that their work aligns with all significant risks, especially strategic and operational risks. Learn how to effectively manage the top five risks that CAEs face in 2018.

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Risk Assessment

Prioritize the Audits in Your Audit Plan
Learn how conducting risk assessments can help you to prioritize the audits in your audit plan with this updated guide.

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Risk Certifications and Qualifications 

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